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With years of experience as a Springdale Siding Contractor, Pinnacle has been transforming homes in and around Springdale, Arkansas. Our skilled team provides a range of materials for siding installations and replacements. We emphasize transparency throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to project completion. Homeowners place their trust in us for our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

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Benefits of New Siding


Enhanced Curb Appeal

Fresh, modern siding gives your home an attractive, contemporary look that adds aesthetic value.


Energy Efficiency

By preventing heat loss and gain, new siding insulation can reduce energy bills.



To match your home's architecture, we offer a variety of siding styles and colors.



Against rain, wind, hail, and other damaging elements, siding provides protection for your home.

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Increased Home Value

Substantially increase your resale value with with new siding.


Low Maintenance

Durable and requiring minimal upkeep, today's composite and metal sidings contrast with the maintenance demands of wood.

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Siding Materials

As a Springdale Siding Contractor we know navigating the multitude of siding material options for your home can be overwhelming, and as experienced siding contractors, we comprehend the challenges in making the perfect choice. Whether you're drawn to the classic appeal of vinyl or the contemporary aesthetics of fiber cement, each material comes with its unique advantages and considerations. When deciding, factors such as durability, cost, and curb appeal should be taken into account. Our role is to guide you through the diverse landscape of siding materials, offering insights and informed recommendations. Allow us, your preferred siding contractor, to aid you in making a well-informed decision that aligns with your property's specific needs.

ASCEND Composite Cladding by Alside presents a revolutionary solution for siding, seamlessly integrating beauty, durability, and installation ease. With a natural wood appearance available in 20 fade-resistant colors, ASCEND transforms your exterior with aesthetic versatility. The installation process is efficient, requiring fewer laborers for a swift and hassle-free experience. ASCEND stands out with exclusive (GP)² technology, securing a Class A Fire Rating, impressive thermal and impact resistance, and exceptional wind load performance. Crafted from glass-reinforced polymer and graphite-infused polystyrene, it ensures enduring durability, heat resistance, and fade resistance. Supported by an industry-leading lifetime warranty, ASCEND becomes the ideal choice for homeowners, builders, and installers seeking a low-maintenance, high-performance siding solution.

As a Springdale Siding Contractor, we know to Turn to Alside Coventry Vinyl Siding for an affordable, versatile, and easy-to-maintain siding option. Engineered with exceptional durability in mind, Coventry incorporates essential design elements that deliver unmatched protection for your home. Its robust construction features a reinforced rolled-top nailing hem, ensuring a secure and solid wall attachment. Once installed, Coventry's finished appearance speaks volumes about the exceptional quality of your siding. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of style and substance with Coventry by Alside.

Elevate your home's curb appeal with James Hardie's Prefinished Siding, featuring ColorPlus® Technology. This innovative finish is applied in a controlled factory setting, guaranteeing a vibrant and low-maintenance exterior. Designed for longevity, ColorPlus® Technology resists fading, chipping, peeling, and cracking, surpassing traditional paint jobs. The curated color palette simplifies the selection process, while a 15-year limited warranty covers both paint and labor. James Hardie Prefinished Siding combines the timeless aesthetics of wood with the benefits of uniform, long-lasting color, making it the top choice for homeowners and professionals seeking exceptional exterior siding. Discover the trusted choice for over 5.5 million homes nationwide with James Hardie Primed Siding, offering unmatched durability and a 30-year limited warranty. Explore the Statement Collection for prompt shipment in core colors, the Primed Collection for versatile options, or the Dream Collection with over 700 custom colors available. With a track record of being the #1 return on investment since 2005, James Hardie combines low maintenance and exceptional protection against hail, insects, and more. Say goodbye to frequent painting touch-ups with their proprietary painting process, ensuring lasting vibrancy. Choose James Hardie for a stunning home investment that stands the test of time. Embrace the timeless allure of stucco siding with HARDIE® PANEL VERTICAL SIDING. This option seamlessly combines the inviting aesthetics of stucco with the unmatched strength of fiber cement. Whether you prefer selections from our Statement Collection, Dream Collection, or primed for custom paint, you have the freedom to create the perfect exterior for your home. Enhance your curb appeal with enduring beauty and durability.

Transform your home's exterior with the versatile siding choice of Alside's Board and Batten Vertical Vinyl Siding. This premium vinyl siding offers a harmonious blend of historic charm and modern convenience. Boasting a unique design featuring a 5-1/2″ board face and a delicate 1-1/2″ batten projecting 1/2″ above the board surface, it adds a touch of architectural elegance to your home. With a choice of 28 colors, you can personalize the finishes to elevate your home's aesthetic appeal. The siding showcases heavy-duty panel thickness, natural grain, and light rough-sawn textures, ensuring both durability and aesthetics. It comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty, providing added peace of mind. Choose Alside's Board and Batten Vertical Vinyl Siding for a durable, stylish, and worry-free enhancement to your home's exterior.

Springdale Siding Contractor

With Aerial Technology

In every siding project we undertake at Pinnacle Home Exteriors, precision, and accuracy are paramount as a Springdale Siding Contractor. To achieve this, we harness cutting-edge aerial technology for obtaining wall measurements, ensuring the most detailed assessments for your home’s exterior. Using advanced drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and specialized software, we capture comprehensive aerial views of your property. Subsequently, these images are processed to generate exact measurements. As your preferred siding contractor, we leverage this precision to create tailored siding solutions that fit flawlessly, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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