Pinnacle Loyalty Program

Refer Us And Earn Rewards!

Our Referral Program

At Pinnacle we strive to provide our customers with such a great experience that they want to refer our services to other awesome homeowners. This program is designed to gift those who have helped us grow.
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How It Works

Earn Rewards

Listed Below Are The Rewards For Our Referral Program

Reward Program Effective (4/1/24) All Rewards Submitted Prior Have A Max Reward of $250

$50 Reward

Job Size Under $5,000

$350 Reward

Job Size Between $5,000 - $10,000

$750 Reward

Job Size Over $10,000

All that you need to do is after you refer us to someone come here and fill out the form. After that, we will reach out to them to schedule a home assessment, or If they are already a customer we will just confirm that they were referred by you. If whoever you referred becomes a customer and meets the criteria then you have one Qualified Referral! Reach out to us with any questions.
  • The referral must come from a current or past customer
  • One referral reward per property
  • The referral submission form must be submitted before we invoice for the project
  • The referral cannot come from the property owner (you cannot refer your own address)
Things to Note: The referral reward will be processed 10 days following the full payment of all job invoices. This program is subject to exceptions.