The Roofing Insurance Process & Roofing Insurance Information

What are Managed Repair Programs in Arkansas And Why This is Valuable Roofing Insurance Information?

Managed repair programs restrict consumer choice and put the burden of quality on the homeowner instead of holding insurance companies fully accountable for roof damage and repair. These roofing programs in Arkansas place an unlicensed middleman between customers and insurance companies – an unlicensed middleman who works to keep insurance payouts to a minimum.

Other names for managed repair programs are:

  • Third-party-managed concierges
  • Direct repair programs
  • Platinum-preferred roofing programs

In many cases, managed repair programs in Arkansas are owned or controlled by the insurance companies themselves. They exist to limit insurance claim payouts by having people who aren’t licensed insurance adjusters do the inspections. Since these individuals are not usually properly trained to locate and assess potential damage, they often submit insufficient claims, a practice that boosts the profits of insurance companies.

Note: The National Insurance Restoration Council (NIRC), “a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting and educating property owners & restoration contractors when dealing with insurance companies”, is pushing hard to limit the growth of Managed Repair Programs (MRP).

The Disadvantages of Managed Repair Roofing Programs

Most managed repair programs force customers to use a contractor of the insurer’s choosing rather than one chosen by the customer himself. These contractors are frequently referred to as affiliated or in-house contractors. Instead of paying the insured homeowners the amount owed to fix the roof, managed repair programs require homeowners to accept work done by the insurance company’s own contractor.

On top of all this, insurance companies advertise these roofing programs as being beneficial to the customer using flowery language such as platinum preferred roofing programs or a better way. Often, insurance companies argue that their way is better for customers by claiming that the use of affiliated contractors means that repairs get completed sooner.

Some managed repair programs also claim to offer lengthy guarantees on materials and workmanship than those required by state laws. And insurance companies often argue that managed repair programs reduce the cost of repairs and increase customer convenience, among other benefits.  This is roofing insurance information they won’t tell you.

roofing insurance information

Important Roofing Insurance Information & Terms

The following are all important roofing insurance information & terms to familiarize yourself with for any upcoming claim:

  • Insurance Claim – Notification to the insurance company by property owners that they have damage/ potential damage.
  • Adjuster – Insurance representative who examines property and determines damage.
  • Estimate – A written cost assessment determined by insurance company or roofing contractor to replace or repair a damaged roof.
  • Deductible – The portion of the estimated repair/replacement cost that the property owner is responsible for paying. This can vary widely by the policy. Refer to your policy or check with your insurance agent to confirm your deductible.
  • Depreciation – The decrease in the value of a roof from the original construction cost. Each year a roof decreases in value simply because of age and wear.
  • ACV /Actual Cash Value – The portion of the money after the deductible and depreciation is subtracted.
  • RCV /Replacement Cost Value – The total amount to be paid by the insurance company upon completion of the job. It is the total calculation of the actual cost value plus the Recoverable Depreciation.

Important Roofing Insurance Information- Hail Damage

Even before a hail storm, 20% of all roofs are in need of replacement. A hail storm is a great opportunity to have your roof replaced compliments of your insurance company.

Leaks usually do not appear after a hail storm. Water finds its way through the damaged shingles to reach the fractured decking. The water then absorbs into the structure of the roof like a sponge and deteriorates the integrity of the roof. This process sometimes takes months or even years for the homeowner to discover, and by then it is too late! Most insurance companies require that a claim must be made within the first 6 to 12 months of the initial damage.

An untrained and inexperienced eye can easily overlook hail damage. Even though the shingles may look undamaged from a distance (from your yard for example), a closer look reveals deep pit holes. The damage to a roof is not limited to the surface of the shingles; the backing (matting) under the shingles is also affected. The impact of hailstones cracks the matting and many times the decking, which can lead to major leaks and damage to the property.

  Insurance companies bring in adjusters from around the country who do not always have extensive experience with hail damage. A local insurance negotiating specialist such as Pinnacle Roofing should be there with the adjuster during the appointment to prevent a low damage estimate. The adjuster should also be informed of any hail damage to other areas of the property such as fences and siding.

Many times adjusters are paid per claim resulting in a rushed assessment, which could undervalue your roof. Not only does our company prevent this from happening, but we also help with determining the extent of the damage and with verifying the accuracy of the adjuster’s assessment.

Collecting “low-priced estimates” from roofing contractors benefits the insurance company, not you! A contractor’s estimate that is lower than the insurance adjuster’s estimate will decrease the amount of depreciation paid to you.

DO NOT USE a roofer from outside the local area. Many “stormtroopers” will show up hoping to take advantage of the situation and unsuspecting homeowners. However, most contractors from other cities will not return to correct future problems should they develop. Some of these companies have even changed their name to avoid their warranty responsibilities. Pinnacle Roofing and Home Exteriors stands behind our work with workmanship warranties for up to Lifetime & transferable and install materials from quality manufacturers with manufacturer’s warranties (vary by brand and product) and are happy to provide you with this roofing insurance information.

With this Roofing Insurance Information We Hope You Can Get Roofing Repair with Confidence: Get Your Estimate Today!

To learn more about the benefits of having your roof repaired by a contractor of your choosing, instead of one selected by your insurance company, contact Pinnacle Roofing. Unlike the existing managed roofing repair programs in Arkansas, we’ll be your roofing advocate throughout the entire insurance claims process! Call us today at (479) 250-1470 for a free estimate.