What You Should Know About Window Replacement

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Whether you’re replacing just one window or many, the task at hand can seem daunting. At Pinnacle Roofing & Home Exteriors, we understand window replacement is a financial investment. That is why we are here to help. 

Before you begin down the path of window replacement, here are a few things to consider:

  • You don’t have to replace all your windows at once
  • Installation quality can impact the lifespan of your windows
  • Energy-efficient glass may be more expensive, but it can help reduce utility bills
  • Which type of glazing is best for the environment you live in (for example, double glazing is great for noise reduction, and triple glazing will make your heater more efficient)
  • What kind of window you’re replacing. Different types of windows—like single-hung, double-hung, double-pane, tilt-out, and mullions—will have different costs

What Is the Average Cost for Window Replacement?

Although there are a lot of factors that affect the price, the average cost to replace windows is between $200 to $850 per window, not including labor costs. With labor costs, you are looking at another $100 to $300 for each window. 

So, the first thing you should consider when estimating window replacement costs is the number of windows you are looking to replace. Once you have a number, you then have to consider the size of each window, the glass type, frame material, and energy efficiency—energy-efficient glass, like double-pane or Low-E, costs more but can save you money on heating and air conditioning. 

Frame Materials

More affordable frame materials include aluminum and vinyl. Wood, composite, and fiberglass frames tend to cost more to replace.

: To cut down on costs, consider a more affordable frame material in the bedrooms and a high-end material in the main living area. 

Window Shape and Type

Window shape also plays a big role in replacement costs. Unsurprisingly, custom windows with unusual shapes and sizes are the most expensive. Basic storm or picture windows are often some of the cheapest to replace. Single- or double-hung windows cost a bit more but are still relatively affordable. Large bay windows and sliding or hinged casement replacements tend to be pricier. 

Look to Pinnacle Home Exteriors for Expertise in Home Window Installation and Replacement 

Now that you understand a bit more about window replacement costs, you’ll be better prepared to tackle the challenge. However, you probably still have some questions about your specific home. Luckily, you don’t have to take this journey alone. Pinnacle Roofing & Home Exteriors is here to help you find efficient options in your price range. Call today for a more specific quote on the cost of replacing a window in your home or for window replacement advice. 


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